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Eprogen Porous Reverse Phase Columns

     Short Chain RP Bonding Chemistry

     Novel Surface Silanol Deactivation Chemistry

     Ideal for fast MS Analysis of Basic Drugs & Peptides

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SCD columns are based on a short alkyl chain ligand bonded phase on 5µ, 100Å, spherical silica with state of the art base-deactivation.  Excellent peak shapes are obtained for many drug mixtures without the addition of silanol suppressing agents. 100% aqueous mobile phases can be routinely used.

SCD-100 columns are ideal for the analysis of basic and positively charged molecules, as well as neutral and acidic molecules.  They are especially useful for fast LC/MS analysis.



RP-8 columns are monomerically bonded C8 chemistry on spherical 5µ, 300Å silica. As the carbon chain length has little effect on selectivity in reversed phase chromatography of peptides and proteins.  100% aqueous mobile phases can be routinely used.

RP-8 columns are well suited for separating <150 kDa proteins and peptides, especially those of a more hydrophobic nature.








SCD and RP-8 Bonding chemistries are based on the original SynChropak® bonding technology.

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