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Eprogen ProteoSep Tech notes:

Tech Note #1 - Serum Analysis

Tech Note #2 - Amniotic Fluid Analysis

Tech Note #3 - Comprehensive Protein Extraction Protocol

Tech Note #4 - Expanded pH Range Start and Eluent Buffers; pH 9.5 - 4

Tech Note #5 - Optimum HPCF Operation

Tech Note #6 - Improved Methods for Characterization of anti-Host Cell Protein Antibodies

Tech Note #7 - ProteoSep HPRP - A Fast, High Resolution Alternative to 1D SDS-PAGE

Standard Sample Solubilization Protocols

MS Trypsin Digestion Preparation Protocol for 2D ProteoSep Fractions

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ProteoSep® is an all-liquid phase, high-resolution and truly orthogonal 2-Dimensional protein fractionation and mapping technology.  It addresses the critical need for improved automated analytical techniques to separate and image complex protein expression from all types of clinically relavent protein samples.  The unique feature of ProteoSep is that all proteins are isolated directly and intact for easy interface to the myriad of other molecular biology techniques for extremely efficient proteome mining.  It is a significant improvement in the researcher's and clinician's ability to visualize unique protein expression or "fingerprints" of samples for comparative proteomics analysis, and then, directly access potentially clinically relevant protein biomarkers intact for further validation!

Access to this powerful protein fractionation and mapping technology [developed by Eprogen and the University of Michigan] is available through Eprogen's Protein Discovery Laboratory, for those interested in having Eprogen's experts perform the fractionation, mapping and sample collection for further study here or in your laboratory.

For those interested in bringing the full capabilities of the technology into their own laboratory,

please contact us for details regarding the commercially available instrumentation needed.

ProteoSep incorporates chromatofocusing as a first dimension to retain the biologically important property of protein “pI” followed by ultra-high resolution separation of proteins with similar pI values based on hydrophobicity using Eprogen’s patented NPS® (non-porous silica) bead technology.  To image the 2D pI vs. Hydrophobicity maps, ProteoVue® Software Suite was developed to make it easy to visualize and mine the 2D information generated.  The 2D platform works with virtually every type of clinically relevant sample type (tissue, cells lysates, subcellular fractions, and various biological fluids such as serum, plasma, urine, CSF, etc.,) and directly interfaces with the myriad of other technologies being used in proteomics efforts, especially MS tools. 

ProteoSep’s full automation accomplishes in hours what currently takes days to accomplish with multi-step 2D gel techniques and it is significantly less labor intensive.  ProteoSep is scaleable (ug – mg sample loads) and by combining its pI/Hydrophobicity data with MS mass information it now generates truly orthogonal 3D protein expression maps!   This technology will serve as an important new informatics technique in the mining of clinically relevant proteins and biomarkers. Its broader scope is to reinvent the traditional starting point for multidimensional protein analysis, 2D gel-electrophoresis, and offer a new and significantly more powerful workflow strategy for protein biomarker and drug-target screening not currently available to molecular biology researchers.

"An Introduction to ProteoSep Presentation"

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