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IPAC® Resins

Eprogen introduces IPAC®, a novel metal chelate chromatography resin for use in the selective isolation and purification of peptides, proteins, and DNA Fragments.

IPAC is a hydrophilic resin that employs a proprietary inorganic bidentate chelating ligand chemically bound to a highly cross-linked agarose surface that is stable from pH 1-14.

The inorganic chelator imparts ligand binding properties to significantly expand the range of metal ions that can be utilized, namely:

  • Alkaline Earth ions: Mn2+
  • Transition metals ions: Mn2+ and Mn3+
  • Lanthanide ions: Mn3+ and Mn4+
  • Representative metal ions: Mn2+ and Mn3+

Inorganic chelators also allow for extremely stable binding of these metal ions, minimizing or eliminating leaching and greatly increasing the recycle use and lifetime of the resin. This is accomplished while still providing for effective open coordination sites to selectively bind His-Tagged, phosphorylated, calcium-binding, or glycosylated proteins whose adsorption is now more easily optimized by the expanded choice of the chelated metal cations.

IPAC Resins now make it possible to optimize separations even in high salt concentration solutions.

IPAC is available in bulk resin for use in a broad range of applications and formats in research and prep-scale separations.

Volume (mL)      Product No.
    10                 IPAC40-M-10
    25                 IPAC40-M-25
    50                 IPAC40-M-50
   100                IPAC40-M-100

Larger volumes are available upon request.

Prepacked cartridges are available as a specialty item. 

Micro-Tips are also available for MS applications.

To find out more about IPAC®, please view the following information:

IPAC® Preview Presentation (Power Point Format)

IPAC® Preview Presentation (Adobe PDF Format)

IPAC® ASMS poster by Biogen

Available IPAC Resin Literature

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